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seeing the shit white people are saying about ferguson like

"i’m not racist but"


Brown assaulted a police officer, tried to get his gun (apparently), ran away, got shot, and then charged back at the cop and got shot some more! The cop had every right to protect himself and shoot. I’m not saying that Brown deserved to die, because he didn’t, but the shooting is pretty justifiable. And I’m sorry, but if the SWAT Team and/or the St. Louis County Police tell you to get out of the roads and go home, go the fuck home!! Don’t be surprised when they throw tear gas at you! The people of Ferguson are acting ridiculous. Peaceful protesting is perfectly fine. What isn’t okay is vandalizing and stealing from businesses in their community! The only ones they’re hurting is themselves. These actions aren’t even about Brown anymore and it’s sad. Y’all need to get your shit together.


"i’m not saying that his death was justified, but it was justified"


The Seattle PD is just getting blatantly slimy,