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talking about issues is not stupid or pointless, despite it being a common “argument" (lol) against activism, it’s oppression from the people who would rather things not change because they benefit from the way things are
the more we talk, listen, and actively bring these issues to light, the more we combat the ignorance of people who find these issues “pointless”
it’s funny how often issues are dismissed as irrelevant when they actually affect everyone’s lives, unless you live in a magical dream world or you’re just very, very lucky/sheltered
there will always be ignorance, but ignorance is combated by education
that’s why people need to learn, listen (so important), and speak up any chance they get
society will never be perfect, but we’ve already come so far and issues like racism wouldn’t have grown less and less common/intense over the years without the work of the activists and the people who spoke up about it and said “this is wrong” instead of “i’m too lazy to change anything” or “i can’t change anything”

but of course i’m apparently just crazy in thinking that people deserve to not to have their rights violated even though the concept of equal rights was virtually the basis of america’s creation

your rights end where others’ begin
repeat after me until it is ingrained into your mind
your rights end where others’ begin
you do not have the right to do absolutely anything you please, like violence towards others, bullying, etc etc - THESE THINGS ARE NOT YOUR RIGHT and if you want to live like that go live somewhere far far away from other people

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'I'm not gonna tell my parents': American Airlines response to 'joke' terror threat sparks panicked explanation

Her stupidity hurts. It hurts. Someone please get this girl out of the ~~twitter dreamworld~~ where apparently laws don’t apply and into a fucking hospital. If you’re too fucking stupid to understand that there are laws which have consequences if broken, you should not be allowed on the internet, let alone around other people. She clearly did not regret making the threat nor does she realize the gravity of her actions which is not just stupid, it’s dangerous. Worst part is that I’m sure the police will buy her “but i’m just a little white girl!!!” shit while she continues happily jacking off on twitter over how many followers she’s gained over her tasteless attempts at humor. Actually, I think the worst part is that if she honestly believed her “joke”/threat was perfectly legal, she could have made a formal case of it with valid arguments, not a stupid twitter meltdown. I’d find it hard to believe that one could argue for that right seeing as it impedes the rights of others, but she could have tried (assuming she has more than 5 brain cells) if she honestly believed she had not done wrong; instead, she expects to automatically get off totally scot-free for simply being a young, stupid white girl.

"My terrorist tweet is in my bio lol"
Sarah (@QueenDemetriax_) April 13, 2014